Nicole Marie Clawson

For the past five months, Security Directors from the Full Throttle Saloon have been working closely with Law Enforcement and victims in multiple states to identify, locate and bring to justice Nicole Marie Clawson, DOB 02/08/1974

Clawson was filmed in August 2012 in Sturgis, South Dakota and has since continued a pattern of fraud and deceit.  Clawson has gone by various aliases including Nicole Montanillie, Nicole Reasoner and Nicole Bott.

Clawson tells everyone she is on the reality TV show, “Full Throttle Saloon”. Clawson is currently on the series, which was filmed in August 2012, but is being aired now. Clausen's appearance on the show as also gained by fraudulent means. In addition, the suspect has recently made claims to be employed at various local hospitals as a “Surgical Nurse”. She might be currently “hanging around” hospital’s as either an alleged employee or as an alleged patient trying to gain sympathy.

Recently Clawson shaved her head in order to appear more like a person who is undergoing cancer treatment.  

Clawson meets unsuspecting men on line and tells them she has terminal brain cancer. Clawson also alleges to be in the processing of inheriting $40,000,000 from her deceased father’s estate.  This has allowed Clawson to attempt to purchase several real estate properties that are valued from 1 to 4 million dollars. Clawson also stole jewelry and checks from her victims. The checks were later used by her to make purchases after Clawson forged the checks. 

Most recently Clawson was located in Sumter County, Florida after defrauding several individuals as well as businesses.  Presently, authorities in Sumter County have issued a warrant for her arrest.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Nicole Clawson, please contact the Full Throttle Saloon, your local Sheriff’s department or Detective Darren Norris at 352-569-1680. 


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